(CC) Marieta Campos Gisbert.

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Marieta Campos Gisbert, Valencia 1984.
Currently she lives between Valencia and Berlin, where she studies the Master Art in Context of the Universität der Künste. Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Polytechnic University of Valencia in 2007, she also lived and studied in Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA) - Anotáti Scholí Kalón Technón in Athens.

Since 2012 is part of the direction of the Atelier in 'Thikwa Werkstatt für Theater und Kunst,' an Art Center for artistic expression for people with psychic disability in Berlin.

Marieta offers stimuli.
She reveals and presents society with the most unorthodox ways under her own vision and experience, talking always about interesting situations.

An analysis of the work of Marieta reveals the great subtlety with which she deals with everyday issues and familiar topics. A vision between poetic and 'brutista' like marginal art, lets us travel through the universe of an eclectic artist, who works with different materials.
Materials ranging from found objects , the recycled, and those that she herself created with variables medias such as sculpture , drawing, photography, video, ready-made, collage, etc.
A work in continuous evolutionary process , where fresh ideas are expressed through a wide range of plastic and aesthetic resources.

Different elements with which she get inspired and she composes, contain a strong emotional charge, such as own hair, scrap rusty metal, old pictures, small fetish objects, and many others.
In some cases we also find a great interest on the ephemeral , capturing moments, or storing living things as organic materials , with which she later works .
These objects contain stories on their own, themselves are full of experiences , but she takes them further, combining them to form new meanings and giving them an even more emotional and poetic character.

On her work, normally non- narrative, she reveals a world of dreams where live mixed memories, experiences, critical views, friendships, loves, fears, struggles, and much tenderness.

Marieta's work breathes positive energy.

Text: Martí Guillem Cïscar. Translated from catalan.